Here’s what to expect for your first visit to our church.

  • Question: What are your services like?
  • Answer: Passionate, engaging, purpose filled, empowering.  Designed to draw you closer to Christ.
  • Question: How long do services last?
  • Answer: Our Sunday worship service lasts about 1 and 1/2 hours.
  • Question: What is your style of worship?
  • Answer: Diverse. Intentionally Spirit led.
  • Question: What is typical attire for service?
  • Answer: It’s come as you are.
  • Question: Is child care available?
  • Answer: We do have a children’s Sunday school.  We are developing a children’s church.  We have activities for our youth.  However, we do not have child care available for the main service.

Please see our Location page for a map and pictures