From the Soul of the Shepherd:

Blessings and Favor to you all!

If we are honest with ourselves, life can be a journey that takes us places we don’t want to go.  As much as we want to turn around, the steering wheel of fate won’t respond to our pulling it in another direction.  It’s like life has a mind of its own.

But if we look carefully again at this journey, those no places have led us to God’s next places, where our faith and his faithfulness have exposed us to another level of his favor and blessings! The closed doors of yesterday have forced us through the open doors of today that lead straight to the promises of tomorrow! The GPS panel is not malfunctioning; Actually, Heaven’s GPS (God’s Purpose System) is manifesting his will in our lives.  That’s why we must stay steadfast, immovable, always sticking with the word of the Lord, because his love for us won’t lead us wrong!  It’s just part of being a believer!

Got it? Good, now let’s go to work!

Because of Calvary,

Pastor Marvin Charles Lue, Jr.

Additionally, here’s a few things about us we’d like to share:

Our Mission Statement:

The Christian Methodist Episcopal Church is called to serve the present age as a sign and instrument of God’s saving grace, making disciples for Christ, nurturing them through preaching and teaching the Word of God, through Christ centered worship, prophetic witness and effective service.